nightly soul shelter

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I want an in ground sleep room,
with no transferring structural or exterior distortion.
With radiant floor heating.
Like a comfy sensory deprivation chamber.

The only distractions beyond the sound barrier,
consisting of some of the truest pleasures in life.
Connected conversation, free of aggravating interruptions.
The pen rolling over paper, or the turning of a page.
The music of a lover’s moans, unfettered by the chaos outside.
To fall asleep to the rhythms of heart and breath;
Unwoken by the fallout of the world.

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get’n limberlost

Joined up with a nature walk at Limberlost Forest a few weeks ago, organized by the Muskoka Watershed Council.

It was a beautiful, cool day for it, with lots of fungi popping up everywhere, and a great range of topics discussed along the trails.

For a few more shots from the hike, check out my DeviantArt page at:

Peace Pipe at Limberlost Forest

super moon #2

Set up on a rockcut overlooking the highway for this past super moon.

Reached my spot a bit later than I wanted to on the first night, so the moon was already pretty high, but caught a huge smoke trail in the distance. The second night wasn’t looking to promising, but it cut through for a few minutes as it cleared the hills.